Bringing 2,186 Sheeps, Singapore Cargo Aircraft Made Abrupt Landing

A Singapore Cargo Aircraft made an abrupt landing, departing from Australia to Kuala Lumpur, suddenly landed at Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali.

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Cargo Aircraft Brings Sheeps 

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, DENPASAR -  A Singapore Cargo Aircraft made an abrupt landing, departing from Australia to Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia), suddenly landed at Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali.

The Boeing 747-400 with the code SQ. 7108, REG. 9V-SFI was bringing 2,186 sheeps and landed safely on Monday (26/10/2015) around 17.06 p.m.

Co-General Manager (GM) of Ngurah Rai Airport, I Gusti Ngurah Ardita, has confirmed the abrupt landing.

The landing was a request from the aircraft pilot.

Public Relations Staff of Ngurah Rai Airport, Shively said, there were three pilots and copilot on the flight; Dragan Vidanovic, Toh Desmond, and Rodrigues Glendon Mark.

"The pilot asked divert due to technical reasons. After the aircraft landed, we checked  the smoke billowing from the compartment of the aircraft, " said Ardita told Tribun Bali on Monday (26/10/2015)  in the afternoon.

Allegedly, the temperature of indicator light turned on as a result of CO2 gas from excessive sheeps dung.

The landing was aimed to cooling load temperature.

if it was not done cooling, the sheep could die cause by the high temperature.

According to Ardita, after checking, the aircraft was in normal condition beside the report that was mentioned about technical problems.

"So there was no fire, the air condition is normal. Around 7 p.m. (yesterday, red) it is scheduled to fly back to Kuala Lumpur," said Ardita. (*)

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