Bangli Coconut Oil Soap Saleable in Swiss

Various unique products were displayed during the 815 Anniversary of Bangli Regency.

He emphasized, after using this product, his costumers don’t need body lotion any longer.

“It will be different if a soap made by palm oil. Its texture is more rough that can made our skin dry,” he added.

Sabar said, his product success to enter international market, such as Swiss, Japan, Singapore and used for hotel, villa, or displayed in supermarket. For a national market, the demand come from Jakarta and Banten.

"The volume is not stabile. Usually for one order, they (Swiss and Singapore) ask 10.000 bars. Swiss favorite is Orange Ricebars,” he stated. The biggest costumer is Japan, they can order 50.000 bars.

“In Japan, what they order is also depend on the season. During summer, they will ask for mint because their body will fell cold,” he explained.

The price for every soap is various. It starts from 5.000 IDR to 35.000 IDR.

“Perhaps people will thought it is little bit expensive. It may because they don’t know yet the benefit for their skin. Also, it made by coconut oil. (*)

Penulis: Ni Ketut Sudiani
Editor: Ida Ayu Suryantini Putri
Sumber: Tribun Bali
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