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5 Balinese Fairy Tale, Told Before Bed Time

In the pass time, parent or grandparent usually told a story before their kids went to bed

5 Balinese Fairy Tale, Told Before Bed Time

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, DENPASAR- In the pass time, parent or grandparent usually told a story before their kids went to bed. Those stories had positive messages and advice that can be a good influence for the kids.

These are five Balinese Fairy Tales that were very popular among the elderly in the pass time. These stories were also published and available at school library.

1. Siap Selem (Black Chicken)

Once upon a time, there was a black chicken lived with its 7 chick. The seventh chick was featherless, named I Doglagan. This story is quite tense for kids because I Doglagan struggle to safe its life from a cat, named Meng Kuuk. In the end, Meng Kuuk pounced a stone, instead of I Doglagan. Meng Kuuk lost its teeth.

2. I Belog

Belog means stupid. The story is about a man who asked by his mother to go to a market to buy a duck. On the way went back home, her duck jumped and swam on a river.

When he saw his duck was swimming, he felt that the seller cheated on me because his duck was so light then it can swam. Then he left his duck. On his arrival at home, his mother was got angry.

3. Cupak Gerantang

This story is about a two brothers who had opposite personality. I Cupak was greedy, fat, and had a scary-look. While I Gerantang was very kind and handsome. In the end, I Gerantang got the crown, become the king.

4. I Lutung Maling Isen

The story is about two best friends. One was a monkey named I Lutung, and another one was a turtle named I Kekua who stole galangal. They stole galangal from a farm own by Kaki Dukuh.

When Kaki Dukuh saw them, I Lutung run very fast, while I Kekua got caught. At the moment the land owner ready to slaughter I Kekua, I Lutung came and asked Kaki Dukuh to release I Kekua, I Lutung would be the compensation.

Before Kaki Dukuh slaughter I Lutung, I Lutung asked him to burn his tail first. Then I Lutung quickly jumped and run when he burn its tail.

5. Bawang Teken Kesuna

This story is about a two sisters who had opposite character. Ni Bawang was very kind, diligent, but Ni Kesuma as a bad personality and like to slander.

One day, when their mother went to a market, they asked to grind the rice. But it was only Ni Bawang took the work, Ni Komang was just getting lazy.

After everything got done, Ni Bawang went to bath room and cleaned her body. Ni Kesuna quickly pour her body with rice that had been grinded. Once their mother arrived, Ni Kesuna told her that it was her only took the job, and Ni Bawang was just putting make up. Hearing that, then Ni Bawang kicked out from the house.

In the forest, Ni Bawnag met a bird named Crukcuk. She asked that bird to killed her. But whenever Crukcuk pecked her, a gold came out.
Ni Kesuma then found out that Ni Bawang got a lot of gold. Ni Kesuma also wanted to go to the forest and asked Crukcuk to peck her. It was not gold she got, but a poison-snake. She died cause of her greediness.(*)

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